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Indexing & Abstracting

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IJRRMS Archives

Volume 1 -     2011
Oct - Dec 2011 * 1 (1)
Volume 2 -     2012
Jan - Mar 2012 * 2 (1)
Apr - Jun 2012 * 2 (2)
Jul - Sep 2012 * 2 (3)
Oct - Dec 2012 * 2 (4)
Volume 3 -     2013
Jan - Mar 2013 * 3 (1)
Apr - Jun 2013 * 3 (2)
Jul - Sep 2013 * 3 (3)
Oct - Dec 2013 * 3 (4)
Oct - Dec 2013 * 3 (4)
Volume 4 -     2014
Jan-Mar - 2014 Vol.4 (1)
Apr-Jun - 2014 Vol. 4(2)
Jul-Sept 2014 Vol. 4(3)
Oct - Dec 2014 Vol. 4(4)
Volume 5 -     2015
Jan - Mar ' 2015 Vol.5 (1)

IJRRMS Archives Apr - Jun 2013.Vol. 3 (2)

Original Research Papers
  • Morphological changes in placenta of hypertensive pregnant women.
    Nag U, Chakravarthy VK, Rao DRView full Text pdf
  • Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) among Medical Practitioners. Kong FH, Man LK, Shetty RS, Kamath VGView full Text pdf
  • Screening of the past alcohol users according to AUDIT: A cross-sectional study in an urban slum of Meerut.
    Katyal R, Bansal R, Goel K, Sharma S View full Text pdf
  • Orthopedic trauma in hilly area of Kumaon region: A clinico epidemiological study.
    Kumar R, Singh P View full Text pdf

  • Prevalence of obesity and its lifestyle risk factors in school-age children in Jaipur.
    Bansal A K, Manohar R, Yadav R, Sharma D, Yadav N, Lohani HView full Text pdf
  • Anxiety and depression in medical students and its association with coping method adopted by them.
    Modi K, Kumar DView full Text pdf
  • Bacteriological profile of Indian currency circulating in a tertiary care hospital in rural Bengal Pal
    K, Das NS, Bhattacharya SView full Text pdf
  • Students’ perception and practice in learning basic pharmacology through a ‘Project Based Learning’ programme.
    Deb T, Singh R, Mukhopadhyay K
    View full Text pdf
  • Effect of yoga on progesterone levels and pain relief in primary dysmenorrhea.
    Nag U, Chakravarthy VK, Burra KC View full Text pdf
  • Coverage evaluation of primary immunization and the associated determinants in an urban slum of Eastern India.
    Ray SS, Patra L, Giri AK View full Text pdf

  • Health and psychosocial profile among HIV affected children- a case control study.
    Bant DD, Mahesh V, Bathija V G, Lokare L, Godbole M, Manjunath NS View full Text pdf

Case Reports
  • Accidental pelvic haemorrhage following femoral arterial cannulation in coronary artery bypass grafting patient- A case report.
    Sinha N, Puri R, Arshad Z View full Text pdf
  • Variation in the origin of branches of axillary artery- A case report.
    Jain SR, Kulkarni PR, Baig MM View full Text pdf
  • Pancreatic Tuberculosis: A rare finding.
    Mahanta BN, Jawed MQ View full Text pdf
  • Epidermoid cyst of the spleen.
    Verma M, Vashist M G, Dalal S, Chanchal, Singla A View full Text pdf
  • A case of 2, 4- Dichlorphenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) ingestion masquerading anticholinesterase poisoning.
    Kumar H, Kala V, Jain R, Priyanka, Panjeta P, Punia NView full Text pdf

Letters to Editor

  • US Health care reform legislation: Is this a solution of burgeoning out of pocket health care expenditure of Indians?
    Singh RView full Text pdf
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