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Indexing & Abstracting

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IJRRMS Archives

Volume 1 -     2011
Oct - Dec 2011 * 1 (1)
Volume 2 -     2012
Jan - Mar 2012 * 2 (1)
Apr - Jun 2012 * 2 (2)
Jul - Sep 2012 * 2 (3)
Oct - Dec 2012 * 2 (4)
Volume 3 -     2013
Jan - Mar 2013 * 3 (1)
Apr - Jun 2013 * 3 (2)
Jul - Sep 2013 * 3 (3)
Oct - Dec 2013 * 3 (4)
Oct - Dec 2013 * 3 (4)
Volume 4 -     2014
Jan-Mar - 2014 Vol.4 (1)
Apr-Jun - 2014 Vol. 4(2)
Jul-Sept 2014 Vol. 4(3)
Oct - Dec 2014 Vol. 4(4)
Volume 5 -     2015
Jan - Mar ' 2015 Vol.5 (1)

Ahead of Prints

Original Research Papers
  • Spousal violence and unintended pregnancy in India: Evidence from NFHS- 3.
    Shabnam S, Mukherjee AView full Text pdf
  • Peak expiratory flow rate assessment in obese and non-obese subjects in western Uttar Pradesh.
    Kumar D, Puri R, Sinha N, Hasan SN, Agarwal V, Mishra SBView full Text pdf
  • Epidemiology of hypertension and its risk factors in a village of west Bengal.
    Basu G, Biswas S View full Text pdf
  • Prevalence of splenomegaly in Sickle cell anemia patients in relation to Hemoglobin F.
    Parmar D, Likhar KS View full Text pdf
  • Experience of inguinal hernia repair in rural parts of southern India.
    Bhattacharyya AM, Kumar R, Kumar HRSView full Text pdf
  • A study of comparison between the H1N1 positive and negative community acquired pneumonia in GMC ,Nagpur.
    Bansod YV, Goroshi M, Zanwar GView full Text pdf
  • Study of various treatment modalities and functional outcome for tibial plateau fractures.
    Sharma C, Sharma A, Kalla RView full Text pdf
  • Randomized comparative study of functional outcome of intertrochanteric fractures treated with dynamic hip screw and proximal femoral nail.  Chachan A, Kumar M, Kalla RView full Text pdf
  • A Comparative study of peripheral blood smear, QBC and Antigen Detection test in Diagnosis of Malaria, in a tertiary care hospital.  Panigrahi K View full Text pdf
  • Pattern of skin diseases among patients attending skin OPD of BPS GMC, khanpur kalan.
    Kataria U, Chillar D View full Text pdf
  • Endoscopic biopsies of lower 1/3 rd oesophagus and gastric lesions and its clinico- pathological correlation with Helicobacter pylori.   Venugopal LS, Rao BS View full Text pdf
  • Anemia and neuropathy in type- 2 diabetes mellitus: A case control study.
    Babu A, Chakrabarti A, Karmakar RN View full Text pdf
  • Study on direction and arrangement of muscle pattern in cadaveric hearts.
    Pandit TK, Nimmgadda HK View full Text pdf
  • Study of clinical profile of patients with H1N1 Influenza in a teaching hospital of North Karnataka
    Kashinkunti MD, Gundikeri SK, Dhananjaya M View full Text pdf
  • Randomized study of functional outcome of patients with lower end radius fracture treated with distal locking radius plate. Jakhar R ,Kalla R View full Text pdf
Case Reports
  • Cholelithiasis with perforated gall bladder presenting as chylous ascites- A case report.
    Sharma BK, Pareek P, Sharma A, Mangal M View full Text pdf
  • A rare presentation of Giant cell tumor involving the proximal phalanx of great toe - A case report.
    Lewis S, Prakash BV, Salins N View full Text pdf
  • Metachronous solitary pancreatic metastasis from renal cell carcinoma- A case report.
    Mangal M, Mangal S, Vyas S View full Text pdf
  • Scrofuloderma with psoriasis - A case report.
    Kataria U,Kumar H View full Text pdf
  • Primary breast tuberculosis- A rare entity.
    Dalal S, Kumar R, Kumar V, Verma RView full Text pdf
  • Reno-gluteal fistula- A rare entity.
    Kesri G, Mangal M, Dangayach KKView full Text pdf
  • Removal of pulmonary artery emboli under cardiopulmonary bypass using deep hypothermic circulatory arrest.
    Verma I, Vyas CK, Vyas SView full Text pdf
  • Primary Sjögren syndrome with pulmonary alveolar hemorrhage and other extra glandular manifestations- A case report.  D'sa SView full Text pdf
  • Atrial myxoma as a cause of ischemic stroke: A rare case report.
    Kashinkunti MD, Dhananjaya MView full Text pdf
  • Metastatic seminoma with cervical lymphadenopathy as initial presentation and without retroperitoneal or mediastinal lymphadenopathy.  Rao MK, Shetty JK, Theerthanath S, Prajwal RView full Text pdf
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