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Indexing & Abstracting

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IJRRMS Archives

Volume 1 -     2011
Oct - Dec 2011 * 1 (1)
Volume 2 -     2012
Jan - Mar 2012 * 2 (1)
Apr - Jun 2012 * 2 (2)
Jul - Sep 2012 * 2 (3)
Oct - Dec 2012 * 2 (4)
Volume 3 -     2013
Jan - Mar 2013 * 3 (1)
Apr - Jun 2013 * 3 (2)
Jul - Sep 2013 * 3 (3)
Oct - Dec 2013 * 3 (4)
Oct - Dec 2013 * 3 (4)
Volume 4 -     2014
Jan-Mar - 2014 Vol.4 (1)
Apr-Jun - 2014 Vol. 4(2)
Jul-Sept 2014 Vol. 4(3)
Oct - Dec 2014 Vol. 4(4)
Volume 5 -     2015
Jan - Mar ' 2015 Vol.5 (1)

Ahead of Prints

Original Research Papers
  • External quality assessment scheme (EQAS): Our experience as a participating laboratory.
    Yadav R, Bhartiya JP, Verma SK, Nandkeoliar MKView full Text pdf
  • IL-10 Polymorphisms in Inflammatory and Infectious Respiratory Diseases with Seropositive.
    H.pylori. Chelluri EP, Chelluri LK, Pawar S, Debnath T, Reddy SRView full Text pdf
  • Scrub typhus: An emerging disease in South India.
    Girija S, Rajan A, Sathiyanarayanan J, Mangaiyarkarasi T, Saban P,Sunil S,Gopal RView full Text pdf
  • Ultrasound-guided internal jugular venous cannulation comparison with palpation technique: Benefits and drawbacks.
    Shah H, Bhavsar M View full Text pdf

  • Effectiveness of Retrograde Endoscopic Sclero Therapy (REST) for first and second degree internal hemorrhoids in children.
    Aggarwal B , Gupta SView full Text pdf
  • Assessment of Knowledge and Practices of First Aid among the School Teachers of Vadodara City.
    Devashish AR, Gaurav JD, Bharat BView full Text pdf
  • Gender differences in cardiovascular responses to isometric exercise.
    Srikanth S, NagaTeja D , Pragathi BHView full Text pdf
  • Hematological and Biochemical evaluation in the malaria patients with clinical correlation. 
    Godse RR
    View full Text pdf
Review Article
Case Reports
  • Neurolipoma: A rare entity with a rarer presentation.
    Singh S, Agarwal A, Agarwal S, Singh P, Manohar P View full Text pdf
  • Staphylococcal sepsis presenting as oozing and bleeding from erosion: An unusual presentation.
    Sirka C S, Nanda M, Majumdar SKD View full Text pdf
  • Perioperative management of Pulmonary oedema due to oxytocin in a case of caesarean section.
    Sinha N, Puri R, Deepika, Kumar D, Sahu S, Agarwal A View full Text pdf
  • Concomitant scleral rupture with optic nerve transaction after trivial trauma- a case report.
    Mukhopadhyay S, Roy U, Chakrabarty AView full Text pdf
  • Massive Intracranial Hemorrhage in trivial head trauma due to Iatrogenic coagulopathy – A case report.
    Sasidharan A, Umadethan B, Thomas JView full Text pdf
  • Lumbar Epidural Catheterization in Prone position for post operative analgesia.
    SandeepKumar DAV, Raghupatruni VView full Text pdf
  • Bilateral proximal humeral fracture dislocation with vascular injury: A case report
    Sidharth P, Kalla R, Agrawal V, Govil AView full Text pdf
  • Rare giant hydatid cyst of the liver: A case report. 
    Goyal L, Mohammad S
    View full Text pdf
  • Intestinal polyp of the umbilical cord – A case report.
    Afifa A, Parinitha SS, Rao RView full Text pdf
  • Infant oral candidiasis associated with Candida albicans infection of the mother´s milk. 
    R.R. de Almeida Cardoso, Vanuza LeiteView full Text pdf
  • Laser excision of labial leukoplakia with diode laser: A case report.
    Tatu R, Shah K, Palan S, Brahmakshatriy H,Patel RView full Text pdf
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